Purushottam Pradha

Purushottam Pradhan, a highly acclaimed cinematographer, boasts a remarkable filmography of over 200 Nepali movies. Hailing from the picturesque country of Kathmandu, Nepal, he currently resides there as well. Pradhan was born on June 27th and achieved significant recognition by winning the National Nepali Film Award in 2016.

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Sanjay Lama

Sanjay Lama, a renowned Nepali cinematographer, was born on August 27, 1977, in Lalitpur, Nepal. Lama has been honored with numerous awards, including three National Film Awards, two NFDC Awards, NEFTA Film Awards, Kamana Film Awards, Inas Film Awards, Global Nepali Film Awards etc. totaling 15 best cinematographer accolades.

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Bidur Pandey

Bidur Pandey, a self-taught director of photography, has praise for his work in critically acclaimed movies and over 1,500 music videos. His versatility extends to commercials, documentaries, and feature films. However, his true test came with Kagbeni, the first South Asian film shot entirely with a digital camera. This achievement set him trailblazing artist.

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