Chaitya Devi Singh

Chaitya Devi, born in 1950 is a Nepalese actress. She played the lead female role in the FIRST NEPALI COLLORED.. Chaitya Devi is an actress known for her contributions to Nepali cinema. She was born on April 16, although the year is not specified. She has appeared in several notable films throughout her career. In "My Love (Promise For Kathmandu)," released on December 15, 2017, she played a significant role. She also starred in "Kumari," which was released on September 25, 1977, and "Aama," released on October 1, 1965.Chaitya Devi has been recognized for her talent and dedication in the film industry. She received the Nefta Film Award in 2072 and was honored with the Golden Jubilee Honor. These awards acknowledge her remarkable contributions to Nepali cinema.