Raju Lama

Raju Lama is a multi-talented Nepalese singer-songwriter and mountaineer. He gained fame as the main singer of the musical band Mongolian Heart. Lama's repertoire includes songs in Nepali, Tibetan, Tamang, and other languages, showcasing his diverse musical abilities. Alongside his musical career, Lama is also known for his achievements as an Everester, having successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest. Currently based in both the United States and Nepal, Lama continues to make significant contributions to the Nepali music industry. He has also taken on the role of a coach in the popular singing competition, The Voice of Nepal, where he shares his expertise and guides aspiring talents. Raju Lama's musical talents, adventurous spirit, and involvement in The Voice of Nepal have made him a respected figure in the Nepali entertainment scene.