Gauri Malla

Gauri Malla is a renowned Nepali actress known for her remarkable contributions to the Nepali film industry. She was born on July 15, 1962, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Gauri made her acting debut in the 1986 film "Kusume Rumal," which became a massive success and established her as a talented actress. She gained immense popularity with her portrayal of the character "Kusum" in "Kusume Rumal" and went on to become one of the most recognized and respected actresses in Nepali cinema. Gauri has appeared in several successful films throughout her career, including "Saino" (1987), "Basanti" (2000), and "Muna Madan" (2003), among others. Known for her versatile acting skills, Gauri has portrayed a wide range of characters, from strong and independent women to vulnerable and emotional roles. She has garnered praise for her natural acting style, grace, and ability to bring depth to her characters. Beyond her acting career, Gauri Malla is also involved in social and philanthropic activities. She has actively supported causes related to women's rights, education, and healthcare.