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about us

Golden Horse Films is a entertainment organization established to promote various genres of arts & culture sectors. Golden Horse Films is a registered oraganisation in   Kathmandu.

 The Company has been emphasizing on the production of Nepali, Cinema, es-pecially social, creative programs, film & music awards and conscious documentaries. Golden Horse Films has been conceived with a pious objective to contribute to the art & entertainment in Nepal.

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our goals

The goals of a GH Films company are multi-faceted, encompassing various aspects of their operations. Firstly, the company aims to produce exceptional films that captivate audiences, entertain, and leave a lasting impact. These films encompass a wide range of genres and storytelling techniques, reflecting the diversity and richness of Nepali culture. Additionally, company have goals related to social impact and cultural preservation. 

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our objectives

The objectives of Golden Horse Films Pvt. Ltd, a film organization in Nepal, is to produce high-quality films that promote and uplift the Nepali cinema industry. They aim for financial success and sustainability while fostering innovation and creativity in filmmaking. The organization could seek collaborations and partnerships, both domestically and internationally, to enhance co-productions and distribution opportunities. Ultimately, their goal is to engage audiences, make a positive impact, and contribute to the growth and recognition of Nepali cinema.


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